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Metal rust conversion agent
Metal rust conversion agent
Metal rust conversion agent

Metal rust conversion agent

Standard: 25 kg for small barrels and 200 kg for large barrels.

The rust conversion agent uses advanced metal chelating skills, metal passivation skills and metal rust prevention skills to develop a new metal rust removal product. This product can produce a one-molecular thick protective film on the metal surface while efficiently and quickly removing rust. After rust removal, there is no need for washing, neutralization, phosphating, etc., and the resulting protective film can also be used as a primer. It has four functions of rust removal, passivation, rust prevention and primer. This product can be rusted or scrubbed with rust, which greatly reduces the rust removal labor before painting, saves labor and materials, and reduces construction costs. Operating at room temperature, can not be wet, after drying, can improve the bonding strength and rust resistance of the topcoat and the base metal, and can improve the decorative finish of the topcoat.

Usage: Use low pressure spray, brushing, roller brushing, dipping, etc. Remove grease and grease from metal surfaces before working. According to the rust condition, the amount of adjustment can be processed in one time. After the reaction, it is dry to the extent of no contact feeling by hand, and then treated with paint and concrete.

Scope of application: It is suitable for large-scale parts, steel frames, bridges, pipes, doors and windows, vehicles, ships, etc., which are not easy to operate by traditional phosphating, before rusting and phosphating. Can be widely used in the metal industry, engine manufacturing plants, automotive industry, heavy machinery equipment repair plant, antiquities correction and metal building materials industry. South Korea, Europe, America, Japan metal processing professions and domestic construction professions have been widely used.

Function parameter:

* Appearance: colorless transparent liquid, non-toxic, non-combustible, non-explosive, no strong irritating odor.

* Corrosion resistance: no blistering, falling or rusting of the film layer.

* Convenient construction, no special equipment, scrubbing, painting or spraying.

*The brushing surface is large, the cost is low, it can be scrubbed every kilogram, and it is painted 7-10m2.

*Functional function, sealed and sealed for long-term storage, no change, shelf life of 3 years.

Precautions for the use of rust conversion agent:

* Before scrubbing or painting, remove the muddy sand, dust, significant oil stains and floating rust on the surface of the workpiece, and keep the brush surface dry.

* It is not advisable to work in a place with steam or excessive humidity, and it is not allowed to work in the open air.

* This product does not contain heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, mercury, and hexavalent chromium.