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VCI gas phase antirust flame retardant film
VCI gas phase antirust flame retardant film
VCI gas phase antirust flame retardant film

VCI gas phase rust-proof flame retardant film is a combination of polyethylene, flame retardant factor and VCI masterbatch. It has a good two-layer protection function of anti-corrosion and anti-flame retardant. It is often used in the packaging of metal parts that need to enter the welding shop. It can eliminate the manpower and material resources of the package, so that the parts can be used directly after entering the workshop and can continue to adhere to the rust-proof condition.


1. It has excellent gas phase and contact anti-rust function, good anti-rust effect and high cost performance;

2, does not contain nitrite, harmless, non-toxic, environmentally safe. SGS certified, in line with RoHS requirements;

3, the anti-rust items can be used immediately, without degreasing and cleaning. Save labor and time, improve work efficiency and save costs;

4. Wide applicability. As small as a single part, as large as the entire unit can be used.

5, with excellent flame retardant function, can meet the needs of special tooling or special places.


1. Clean and dry the surface of the rust-proof items before packaging. Then use this product to pack and seal at room temperature at room temperature. If it is packed with oil, it should be confirmed that the oil does not contain chemical components such as S and Cl, otherwise it will have a negative impact on the VCI effect.

2, should wear clean gloves when packaging, do not touch the rust-proof items with bare hands.

3. If the rust-proof item has protrusions or corners, use the cushion to block the package before packaging.

4. When working in anti-rust packaging, the workplace should be kept away from “highly corrosive substances such as acid and alkali and acid-etching gas”.

Specification film: thickness 0.10mm; width 1000mm, 500mm; length 300m

The standard size of the custom roll film will be subject to production equipment and shipping conditions, please call us for details.