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VCI gas phase anti-rust bubble film air cushion film
VCI gas phase anti-rust bubble film air cushion film
VCI gas phase anti-rust bubble film air cushion film

VCI gas phase anti-rust bubble film is a new type of VCI gas phase anti-rust product, which uses a special process to effectively compound the bubble film and the gas phase anti-rust film . It is effective in the buffering performance of the PE high foaming material using the bubble film. And the anti-rust performance and characteristics of VCI gas phase anti-rust film can not only effectively protect the product from various external impacts during transfer, storage, loading and unloading, and transportation, but also provide common effective gas phase protection for various metal products. Rust maintenance.

It is widely used in electronic components, precision instruments, instrument measuring tools and metal products with sharp edges and corners for rust, collision, shock, and wear protection.


A. The high-performance VCI gas phase rust and corrosion inhibition factor is evenly contained inside the buffer material, and the gasification at the beginning within 2 hours after packaging and exerting anti-rust effect;

B. The anti-rust effect is remarkable, and the disadvantages of the traditional method for the inadequate maintenance of the product are particularly suitable for processing, storage, electronic components, precision instruments, external measuring tools and marine products with sharp edges and maritime transportation, as well as foreign trade. High quality rust and safety protection requirements for products;

C. Even if it is not directly touched with metal, it can achieve effective rust prevention, especially suitable for clutter, precious and precise metal parts and products;

D. It has two layers of anti-rust and protective packaging, and solves the two-layer problem of corrosion and product damage protection in one step;

D. The metal to be maintained does not need to be treated externally. Eliminate the external processing steps such as oiling, degreasing and cleaning. The working environment is clean and clean;

F, high packaging efficiency, the use of tape, stapler and other simple methods to seal the anti-rust film, so that the anti-rust packaging automation becomes practical;

G, labor saving, time saving, cost saving, comprehensive economic benefits, packaging is closed and closed, still has a protective function;

H, in line with environmental protection requirements, the product is non-polluting, recyclable, non-toxic, harmless to the human body;

I. Weldability is strong, toughness is good, transparent and beautiful;

J. Anti-rust particles can penetrate into all corners of the package, and can achieve better anti-rust effect on areas that cannot be treated by other anti-rust products.

Standard roll film: thickness 0.08mm; width 1500mm, 750mm; length 50m

The size of the custom roll film will be limited by the production equipment and transportation conditions. For more information, please call us.