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VCI gas phase antirust and antistatic film
VCI gas phase antirust and antistatic film
VCI gas phase antirust and antistatic film

VCI gas phase anti-rust anti-static film is a new type of anti-rust material with anti-rust function and anti-static function. This material is mainly used for anti-rust packaging of metal products and electronic products with high requirements for static electricity protection. Antistatic anti-rust film is a multi-metal anti-rust anti-oxidation formula mixed with low-density polyethylene and anti-static masterbatch.

The VCI will continue to slowly release from the membrane in a suitable space, forming a full gas layer in a relatively closed space, thereby rust-preserving the metal material in the environment. It maintains rust and static protection of iron and metal during storage and transportation.

Need to pay attention to a few things when using

1. When packaging, it is necessary to ensure that the package is in a rust-free condition;

2. When VCI is packaged, it must be sealed and sealed, and the sealing degree should reach at least 95%;

3. Before packaging, check whether the exterior of the package has been treated otherly;

4. Before packaging, keep the surrounding environment and the appearance of the packaging materials dry and clean, and do not leave foreign matter, fingerprints, etc.;

5. When using anti-rust film packaging, if the volume of the package is too large (such as the volume of the packaged equipment such as mechanical equipment is more than 8 cubic meters); perhaps the metal inside and outside the package is too large (the inner and outer surface of the metal is larger than the area of the anti-rust film) 3 times) need to add anti-rust adjuvant;

6. After the production of metal products is completed, it is necessary to carry out anti-rust treatment in time, and shorten the intermediate process of the products as much as possible. The product temperature should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius.

Standard roll film

Thickness 0.10mm Width 1000mm 500mm Length 300m

The size and size of the customized film will be limited by the production equipment and transportation conditions. For details, please contact our sales representative.

Customizable roll film on demand