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VCI gas phase rust-proof stretch film
VCI gas phase rust-proof stretch film
VCI gas phase rust-proof stretch film

VCI gas phase rust-proof stretch film and gas phase rust heat shrink film application category introduction:

Automotive category: car body, engine, flywheel, brake disc and various steel parts.

Electronic appliances: control panels, computers, motors, communication equipment, electronic components, etc.

Precision machinery: precision molds, watch parts, medical equipment, etc.

Heavy machinery: various large machinery, agricultural machinery, transportation machinery, boiler machinery, etc.

Vessels, aviation categories: engines, engines, motors, turbine parts, etc.

Other: bearings, hand tools, drill bits, power tools, etc.

1. Applied metal:

■Anti-rust for ferrous metals: suitable for all ferrous products such as cast iron, carbon steel, silicon steel, etc.

■ Multi-metal anti-rust: suitable for alloy products composed of various metals such as steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, etc.

■Special rust prevention for copper: suitable for copper and copper alloy products

■Special rust prevention for precious metals: suitable for gold-plated, silver-plated precious metal products

2. Use the attention items:

A. The product must be sealed and packaged;

B. The product must be clean and clean before being packaged, in a rust-free condition;

C. Wear gloves when packaging products to avoid direct contact between hands and parts;

C. Before packaging, consider whether the product has undergone other chemical treatments;

E. When packaging the product, it should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius;

F. Avoid open air, avoid direct sunlight, pay attention to moisture and rain and fog;

G. If the packaged product is too large or the surface area of the product to be protected is too large, an auxiliary agent is needed;

H. Regarding the anti-rust products that have not been used, they should be sealed and stored in time.

Standard film thickness 0.025mm

Width 500mm 450m 100mm 50mm can be customized as needed.

Manual machine

Custom roll film needs to meet MOQ requirements, please call us for details.