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VCI gas phase anti-rust film
VCI gas phase anti-rust film
VCI gas phase anti-rust film

product description:

1. VCI gas phase anti-rust stretch film is a high-tech VCI gas phase anti-rust packaging material which is obtained by three-layer co-extrusion casting. VCI anti-rust particles which are continuously evaporated in the film adhere to the surface of the packaged object and block the air. The contact of water vapor, oxygen and other substances with the metal destroys the mechanism of corrosion and then reaches the rust prevention effect.

2, strengths / features introduced:

A. With the characteristics of polyethylene, it is not affected by salt damage, corrosive gas, high temperature and high humidity. The product packaging VCI gas phase anti-rust stretch film can exert super strong anti-rust function;

B. The anti-rust effect is obvious, overcoming the shortcomings of the traditional method of insufficient protection of the product, especially suitable for the high-quality anti-rust requirements of metal and electromechanical products in processing, warehousing, maritime transportation and foreign-invested products;

C. The protected metal does not need to be treated externally. Eliminate the external processing steps such as oiling, degreasing and cleaning. The working environment is clean and clean;

D, good stretchability (stretching rate of 300%), strong self-adhesive, no need to use other stitching work after wrapping the product; transparent and beautiful, you can directly investigate the condition of the product;

E. It saves labor, saves time, saves costs, has obvious comprehensive economic benefits, and is closed after the package is opened. It still has protective functions;

F. In line with environmental protection requirements, the product is non-polluting, recyclable, non-toxic and harmless to the human body;

G, weldable, good toughness, transparent and beautiful, can directly investigate the condition of the product;

H, has excellent anti-rust function, anti-rust period can be more than 2 years, and the release of barrier gas is rapid, 2 hours can be allowed in all corners of the package;

I. Anti-rust particles can penetrate into all corners of the package, and can achieve better anti-rust effect on areas that cannot be treated by other anti-rust products.

Standard film thickness 0.025mm

Width 500mm 450m 100mm 50mm can be customized as needed.

For manual use, for machine use

Custom roll film needs to meet MOQ requirements, please call us for details.