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VCI gas phase rustproof folding bag M bag organ bag
VCI gas phase rustproof folding bag M bag organ bag
VCI gas phase rustproof folding bag M bag organ bag

In addition to the more important metal anti-rust function, VCI anti-rust bag also features strong plasticity, moisture, dust and seal. The plasticity makes the gas phase anti-rust bag a variety of appearance shapes, including rust-proof three-dimensional bag, rust-proof flat pocket, rust-proof ziplock bag, rust-proof zipper bag, rust-proof hem bag, or VCI gas-phase rust-proof insert Folding bags, M bags, organ bags, and more. Generally, the rust-proof hem bag has a high volume ratio, and the production power is almost equal to that of a flat pocket, which is twice as effective as the production capacity of the three-dimensional bag.

The rust-proof hem bag has a high speed of application, and the body bag shape is formed after being completely opened. Filling the metal is quick, so some relatively large metal parts usually pick the shape of the hem bag when selecting the rust bag.

The appearance color of all VCI gas phase anti-rust bags is not related to the anti-rust function and physical function of the anti-rust bag itself. The first priority is the beauty and the habit of using it.

The standard for gas phase rust-proof hem pockets is based on the size of the protective metal standard and the shape of the protective metal packaging pattern to determine the standard size.

Double layer, two sides folded

Thickness 0.05~0.25mm

Width 200~1000mm

On demand (green, blue, yellow, other)

Customized on request, the size of the specifications will be limited by the production equipment conditions, please contact our business representative for details.