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VCI gas phase rust flat pocket flat pocket
VCI gas phase rust flat pocket flat pocket
VCI gas phase rust flat pocket flat pocket

The traditional method of rust prevention is to use anti-rust oil, paint, paint, vacuum and inert gas, use anti-rust oil, paint anti-rust paint, extract inert gas, and cause serious pollution to human body and environment. The cost of a vacuum pump is relatively high. From the perspective of national conditions, the packaging method of gas phase anti-rust bags is one of the most economical, environmentally friendly and useful products. With the whole society's initiative to save energy and protect the environment, car environmental protection has become a sought-after product. Why are more and more car careers choosing VCI rust bags?

VCI gas phase anti-rust flat bag / flat pocket is the evaporation of VCI ions to obstruct evaporative water, chloride, sulfide and metal surface to reflect the purpose of corrosion. The gas phase anti-rust bag is 99.99% of environmentally friendly products. No oil pollution, no pollution, saving time and effort.

1. The shape of the gas phase anti-rust bag can be changed according to the customer's requirements, up to the can surface, and the package can be used as small as the twist line.

2. The gas phase anti-rust bag does not pollute the air, pollutes the environment and is harmless to the human body.

3. The gas phase anti-rust bag can be customized according to customer requirements, including five-sided bag, flat bag, inner folding bag and round bottom bag.

4. The gas phase anti-rust bag is easy to operate and the sealed box is sealed. It can seal and rust for up to 3 years.

The above is the reason why the anti-rust bag is selected and accepted by many car occupations and other occupations.

Double layer, three side seal

Thickness 0.05~0.25mm

Width 50~1500mm

On demand (green, blue, yellow, other)

Customized on request, size and size will be limited by the production equipment conditions, please call us for details.