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VCI gas phase rustproof three-dimensional bag
VCI gas phase rustproof three-dimensional bag
VCI gas phase rustproof three-dimensional bag

Anti-rust three-dimensional bags are usually called square bags, square bottom bags, 3D bags, etc., and are usually used in outer packaging, wooden box lining, carton lining, and bracket positioning packaging. The three-dimensional bag is convenient and sensitive to use, and the working power is relatively high.

If you are already using polyethylene PE bags to get the effect of dust and moisture, then VCI gas phase anti-rust bag can provide the same benefits, and increase the VCI gas phase anti-rust function, reasonable and correct use of Liergao VCI gas phase protection Rust products, anti-rust for metal parts can last for many years.

The Rustoper gas phase anti-rust bag is custom-made with high-quality anti-rust plastic film. After the protective article is encapsulated, the VCI opening in the bag body increases the anti-rust gas factor, increases the dispersion to the surface of the anti-rust object and adsorbs it. The single-molecular-thick dense protective film layer not only isolates the direct contact between the atmospheric corrosion elements and the metal surface, but also blocks the electron displacement movement in different energy regions, thereby effectively preventing the occurrence of rust.

Applicable metal

Iron metal, alloy steel, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze, electroplated metals, zinc and alloys, chromium and alloys, cadmium and alloys, nickel and alloys, tin and alloys, aluminum and alloys, stainless steel and other metal materials and products .

Anti-rust period

More than 2 years (used according to requirements)

Storage and storage

Sealed and stored in a cool, dry place to prevent direct sunlight and prevent exposure to fire and corrosive substances. Shelf life is 12 months from the date of delivery

Dodecahedron / hexahedron

Thickness 0.05~0.25mm

Color on demand (green, blue, yellow, other)

Customized on request, please call us for details.