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VCI gas phase rust-proof roll bag point break bag
VCI gas phase rust-proof roll bag point break bag
VCI gas phase rust-proof roll bag point break bag

VCI gas phase anti-rust continuous roll bag / point break bag is a new type of metal anti-rust category. When the metal seal to be rustproof is stored in the gas phase rustproof bag, the rust preventive particles in the rust preventive bag are vaporized into a gas, and a protective film is formed on the surface of the protected metal to block the possibility of contact of the metal ions with water and oxygen. And then reach the role of rust prevention.

Under normal circumstances, rust-proof bags can be used in occupations such as machinery, steel, metal, alloy packaging, etc. It can be used to package metal objects and effectively protect metal because it has good performance, high safety and anti-rust effect. Good, low-cost features, very popular with people, in the use of these occupations, the role is also very significant.

With the continuous advancement of anti-corrosion technology, the gas phase anti-rust bag is constantly being improved. It is believed that in the near future, it will touch more areas and attract more people's attention. This also requires our efforts and innovation to push the rust bag technology to new heights.

Color yellow

Standard volume

Thickness 0.08mm

Width 500mm

Bag length 600mm

Roll length 240m

Customized on request, size and size will be limited by the production equipment conditions, please call us for details.