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VCI rust and rust inhibitor
VCI rust and rust inhibitor
VCI rust and rust inhibitor

Yiyang Rustor high-efficiency rust and rust inhibitor is a high-performance product that combines rust, rust and polymer-like structure. It has changed the tedious operation of rust and rust prevention in the past, and only needs simple methods such as painting and spraying at normal temperature.

After being used on various rusted steel metal surfaces, the product can quickly decompose rust and transform it into a metal protective film with anti-corrosion function to achieve excellent rust and rust prevention effects. Since its inception, the product has been widely used in "mechanical processing, construction engineering, indoor and outdoor painting, shipbuilding and other fields and a wide family." Through user surveys and multiple comparison experiments, Rusterer's high-efficiency rust and rust inhibitors have shown strong market competitiveness with their excellent functions.

Scope of application

Widely used in various indoor and outdoor steel surface pre-treatment; hardware products, tooling, various stamping parts cleaning; bridge pipe maintenance; construction engineering; automobile and motorcycle parts and various electromechanical equipment; shipbuilding; mechanical processing; Storage and other areas. It is also suitable for copper and aluminum alloy materials, and can be used by industry and family.

Anti-rust period

180 days (25 ° C, RH ≤ 60%)

Storage and storage

Sealed and stored in a cool, dry place to prevent direct sunlight and prevent exposure to fire and corrosive substances. The warranty period is three years from the date of delivery.