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Aqueous gas phase rust inhibitor
Aqueous gas phase rust inhibitor
Aqueous gas phase rust inhibitor

Waterborne rust inhibitor is a unique gasification water-based rust preventive solution that can prevent metal products from rusting in fresh water, sea water, salt water and other highly corrosive solutions containing sulfides and halogens. It is similar to rust preventive oil and can be used for rust prevention in short-term process of metal workpieces. It can also achieve long-term rust prevention effect on metal workpieces under the cooperation of sealed packaging. It is generally used in ship shipping.


1. It has anti-rust function even in rust-prone aqueous solution, chlorine-containing solution and halogen-containing solution.

2. Even if it is used in 99% relative humidity environment, it can satisfy the rust prevention needs.

3, high temperature resistance. In high-temperature deep well equipment for oil or natural gas, a small amount of application can prevent equipment from rusting.

4. It can be used for anti-rust in short-term process of machined parts, and it can also obtain long-term anti-rust effect under the cooperation of sealed packaging.

5, can be biodegraded, no environmental hazards.

6, free of chloride, phosphate and heavy metals, environmentally safe. It is certified by SGS and meets the requirements of the RoHS directive.


1. The surface of the rust-preventive article will be clean and boring, and there must be no residual debris, stains or other stolen goods.

2. Use the original liquid or diluted solution to spray, brush or soak the rust-proof items evenly and dry naturally, in a cool and dry environment. If long-term anti-rust effect is required, the treated anti-rust items should be sealed in a plastic bag or other containers.

3. It is also possible to spray an appropriate amount of the product into the package of the rust-proof article unit (such as a carton or a packaging bag) and then seal it immediately.

4. If you need to obtain thorough anti-rust effect and do not pack, you can also directly soak the anti-rust items in this product.

5. Wear clean gloves when working. Do not touch the rust-proof items with bare hands.

Water soluble liquid

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In order to ensure the use effect and reduce the cost, please consult the company before use to obtain professional advice.