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Rust-x VCI shrink film
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Rust-x VCI shrink film
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Product: RUSTX VCI LAMINA gas phase anti-rust film and gas phase anti-rust shrink film

Level: 3-layer Lamina VCI gas phase anti-rust film 200 microns

3-layer Lamina VCI gas phase rust shrink film 250 micron

3-layer Lamina VCI gas phase rust shrink film 300 micron

RUSTX VCI Lamina gas phase rust shrink film is made with advanced SMP (speedy moisture passivation) technology, which accelerates the passivation of metal surfaces and provides long-term corrosion maintenance for packaged parts. When sealed, Lamina series gas phase anti-rust shrink film isolates the coils and plates inside the package from moisture intrusion. VCI gas phase anti-rust can balance the environment inside the package. Lamina's gas-phase rust-preventing film is suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The complete rust-proof system planned by RustX can inhibit corrosion and stains for up to 5 years.

RUST-X LAMINA gas phase anti-rust shrink film is specially designed for packaging, including: heavy equipment, weapons, pallets, cars, car parts, engines, wind turbines, power plant equipment and chemical plant equipment.

RustX membranes are interpenetrating membranes that increase the strength between molecular chains and have very high tear resistance, tensile strength and impact resistance.

The LAMINA gas phase rust shrink film is white in white and blue or green in the inner layer. The inner layer is a special VCI vapor phase anti-rust coating that provides long-term maintenance.

Product thickness: 200/250/300 microns

Product specifications:

Scale: 4''-600''

Can be customized as a shrink bag

Can be made in 6 colors

Roll scale can be customized

Film thickness: 100 microns +

Suitable for packaging: hull, helicopter, jet engine, machinery, heavy equipment, military equipment, marine equipment, large car parts, castings

Product application, application method and applicability:

After packaging the product with a shrink film, it needs to be sealed with a gas gun or a heat gun. The heating temperature needs to be higher than 150 ° C, which does not mean that the product must also reach 150 ° C. The heating process increases the temperature of the shrink film, but hardly affects the temperature inside the product.

Applicable to: packaging coils; galvanized sheets and coils; tubes and wires; electronic grade steel; stainless steel; copper and aluminum sheets; metal bodies, engines, steam turbines, heavy equipment; castings, forgings, metal sheets;


European norm: EN 13206:2001

The application period of the membrane conforms to the European standard EN13206. For the detection period of the membrane, the specific film is used to illuminate the plastic film (the specific lamp is similar to solar radiation), and the laboratory is subjected to rapid artificial aging only to consider the specification of material degradation (wind erosion meter).

The service life of the covering material (film) is proportional to the exposure time (artificial aging), and mechanical properties are not taken into account.

Film grading according to artificial accelerated aging

Membrane level application period (hours)







Correlation between natural aging and artificial accelerated aging (PE film, EVA film and EBA film)

Climate zone kLy/year estimated duration (years) (hours)

70-100 (Nordic) 1700 3500 5300 7100

100-130 (Central Europe) 2800 5600 8400

130-160 (Southern Europe) 3900 7800

Nordic 120kLy/year; Southern Europe 140kLy/year