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Rust-x VCI gas phase anti-rust bag
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Rust-x VCI gas phase anti-rust bag
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VCI gas phase anti-rust bag

product description:

Product shape: sheet, roll, tube, bag, flat pocket, three-dimensional bag

Membrane: original polymer and VCI blend

Product Skills: SMP Accelerates Metal Surface Passivation Skills

Product appearance: blue, yellow, transparent or green

UV protection: up to 5 years

VCI gas phase anti-rust bag is made of special high-strength polymer with high transparency and excellent mechanical properties such as tensile strength. The VCI gas phase anti-rust bag is formed by kneading in a single layer or double layer, and has excellent oxidation resistance and puncture resistance.

SMP skills:

The VCI gas phase anti-rust technology accelerates the passivation of metal surfaces and plays a vital role in the automotive, aerospace, engineering and heavy metal industries.

SMP Skills VCI Vapor Phase Rust can attack chemical reactions in just a few seconds and continue for up to 15 years (old industry specifications: 6 to 8 hours before VCI begins chemical reactions), VCI will quickly immerse into the metal surface when the package is packaged Protection.

20% of the VCI ingredients are transpiration within 6 hours, and the remaining 80% of the VCI ingredients will be completely consumed within 15 years. One part of the parts in the anti-rust film for 6 hours, the VCI contained in the anti-rust film is condensed on the metal surface in an area. This is a typical case of rapid moisture and VCI seizures, neutralizing the metal to make the product long-lasting rust-proof.

pH neutralization

VCI gas phase rust prevents the pH in the package from changing to 8-9, which is alkaline. The alkaline environment greatly reduces the possibility of rust. The red litmus solution was changed to blue or green 8-9 pH within 1 minute of VCI neutralization of the package environment.


RustX additives are approved by REACH and are applicable to the ROHS Hazardous Substances Restriction Directive. All additives are produced under chemical supervision.

Property unit/value test method

Elongation MD 425-515% ISO 527-3

Elongation CD 650-800% ISO 527-3

WVTR 0.54±0,1(g/(m2*d))DIN 53122 t2 (water vapor transmission coefficient)

Density 920-940 kg/m3 ISO 1183

Calculate the thickness of the 120μm micrometer

Drop hammer: puncture resistance 585 g ISO7765-1

Tensile strength MD 145kg/sq cm ASTMD882-02

Tensile strength CD 118kg/sq cm ASTMD882-02

Product storage:

Store the products using VCI gas phase anti-rust bag in a cool and dry place. It is covered or in the warehouse. It will not be exposed to direct sunlight, rain, moisture and acidic environment. It can be rust-proof for 24 months.

VCI 702 is used to package smaller parts. This gas phase rust-proof flat bag contains patented SMP skills. VCI gas phase rust-proof chemicals prevent metal products from rusting. This vapor-phase rust-proof flat bag reduces wear between components, and the transparent color is easy to investigate.

Anti-rust period: 1 year

Thickness: 75-500μm (75μm/100μm)

Size: Width: 2''-200''

Length: can be customized

Color: blue, yellow, transparent (8 colors can be printed)