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Rust-x VCI spray can
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Rust-x VCI spray can
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TDS Chemical Skills Specification

Product series: RUST-X 40-rustproof oil

Product grade: RUST-X 40 spray can

product description:

RUST-X anti-rust oil has a patented VCI gas phase anti-rust technology, which can be used for a long time. Rust-X rust preventive oil prevents corrosion of metal parts even in destructive environments. For example, it provides corrosion protection for proper shipping and long-term storage of parts in a salty environment.

The rust-proof film formed by the RUST-X 40 spray can has a lubricating effect during application, but will dry out into an invisible film 5-10 minutes after application. According to the application of components, packaging and environment, this layer of invisible film can provide short-term and long-term corrosion protection.

RUST-X 40 works exceptionally well in steel, aluminum, iron, brass, copper, zinc, nickel, chromium and other multi-metal systems. The rust preventive oil permeability can loosen rusted parts, plugged bolts, hinges and other mechanical parts. The rust-proof oil spray can also reach hard-to-reach areas such as gaps, deep holes, etc., and at the same time provide lubrication.

RUST-X 40 is dewatering and water repellent and can be used to remove moisture and water from metal surfaces, automotive stickers, spark plugs, cables and battery terminals.


This product can be sprayed on areas that require maintenance (it must be cleaned or lubricated before spraying).