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Rust-x VCI stretch film
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Rust-x VCI stretch film
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product description:

Stretch film is made using advanced SMP skills that accelerate moisture passivation and provide long-term corrosion protection for the packaged product.

The stretch film wrapped on the metal isolates the metal from contact with the outside world, protecting the metal from humidity.

Stretch film is suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and a complete packaging system can inhibit the continued development of corrosion for up to 5 years.

A special special additive is added during the production of the stretched film, and the bonding force between the molecular chains is added, so that the stretched film has strong tear resistance, tensile strength and falling hammer impact resistance.

The stretched film can also be designed according to the length and curvature of the round product. In addition, the stretch film can also be placed in an automated machine for packaging, such as steel coils of steel, galvanized or aluminum. Advanced viscous additives add grip to the stretch film stack.

Stretch film combines special polymer with very expensive multi-layer extrusion technology, and has high tensile strength. In addition, the variable properties are injected into the middle and outer layers, and the stretched film produced is more beautiful.

Applicable to:

The stretch film can be placed in a packaging machine for packaging. It can also be customized by length, thickness and inner diameter. For packaging the same load of goods, the stretch film consumes 50% less film than the standard film.


(1), high resistance, extremely soft, suitable for coil structure

(2), high tensile strength

(3) Because multi-molecular links add strength to sharp edges

(4), the smallest equipment funding can significantly reduce labor costs

(5), adding packaged output

(6), cutting costs and related issues

(7), dry packaging machine compatible products

(8), quick application, removable, and recycling

Recommended use:

Packaging coils, packaging galvanized sheets and coils, tubes and wires, electrical steel, stainless steel, packaging copper and aluminum sheets, packaging metal bodies, engines, steam turbines, heavy equipment, castings, forgings, metal sheets, packaging electrical panels, cars, packaging cartons And tray