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Rust-x VCI metal rust remover
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Rust-x VCI metal rust remover
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product description:

Neutral rust remover is a strong oxidizing agent for various metal and aluminum parts such as steel, iron, cast iron and copper. Neutral rust remover is a concentrated aqueous solution that removes rust and is safe and economical to oxidize.

Neutral, as the name implies, is a neutral, safe, pH neutral rust remover. This product selectively acts with the rust of the metal surface and removes the rust into the rust remover solution. This product can also be used in seams, holes, spirals, etc. to safely and quickly remove rust.

The neutral rust remover does not chemically react with the metal and does not alter the metallic appearance.

Conventional rust removers are generally strongly acidic, with a pH of 1.0 to 2.0, while neutral rust removers have a pH of 5.5, similar to the pH of human skin. It can be safely used even under limited personal protective equipment. The neutral rust remover reduces the rust after strong acid rust removal.

The size of the parts will not be changed after the product has been rusted. This product can be reused, does not require replacement, and can be added to the submersible parts simply by adding it when the solvent is lacking.

The product can be used in a variety of steels, cast iron, copper, aluminum or other metals.

Suitable for: rust removal for polymetallics; rust or stain removal for copper, brass, steel, aluminum

feature of product:

Fast response

Easy to use and easy to store

Neutral security product

No smoke

Environmentally friendly, waste disposal

Environmental protection

Metal appearance will not be colored

Will not affect the paint

Will affect the coating, the need to test before derusting

Application method:

Immersion is the best way to form a smooth layer on the exterior of a part. Note that the exterior of the parts should be completely coated with a rust remover.