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Rust-x VCI anti-rust coating
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Rust-x VCI anti-rust coating
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product description:

RUST-X TECTONIC VCI509 Vapor-proof rust-preventive paint is a brown-black liquid that can be applied to the exterior parts or parts of parts that require maintenance by brush. This anti-corrosive coating will form a black maintenance layer on the exterior of the metal parts and can be degreased with solvent products.

It has the characteristics of quick drying and can be dried agilely after being applied to the exterior of the parts, and after 1 to 2 minutes, it forms a film that cannot be erased.

TECTONIC VCI509 anti-rust molecules are highly hydrophobic and can delay moisture or water penetration through the maintenance layer. In the case of acid-resistant gas, the rust-preventing coating has an efficient effect, such as rust corrosion which can be supplied in an acidic environment such as an acid leaching area or a marine humidity.

It can be used to maintain parts of buildings, chemical plants and their equipment, or to store demand-maintained parts in the open air. This anti-corrosive coating can also be applied to automotive parts that require high maintenance, such as the bottom of the car body, gears, axles, gearboxes, etc. It can also be used to maintain bare refinery equipment, oil pipeline equipment and valves, unpainted or uncoated equipment and components that are not painted or uncoated in offshore refineries, equipment that requires commissioning during storage, equipment that is shut down for shutdown, Various metal products such as heat exchangers, wind turbines and the automotive industry.

Due to its high temperature resistance, this anti-corrosive coating can be used to operate chemical plants and their equipment where the temperature rises during operation.

It can also be used to maintain defense equipment such as cannons, guns, artillery, and launch vehicles.

Product advantages:

Long-term maintenance under field conditions, hydrophobic, strong anti-ablative temperature up to 120 ° C, can be used for equipment with high temperature during operation

Anti-rust period: 2 years in the wild, 5 years in the room

Application method:

Before use, clean the parts that need maintenance with cloth or RUST-X 40 spray can, brush or soak to ensure that all areas are evenly altered.