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Rust-x VCI rust inhibitor
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Rust-x VCI rust inhibitor
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product description:

VCI1377 water-based gas phase rust inhibitor is used for export maintenance of equipment and metal parts.

VCI1377 water-based gas phase rust inhibitor is the latest generation of water-based rust-proof and environmentally friendly products. It is a solvent-free product that evaporates on the chemistry, does not damage the environment, does not release VOC volatile organic compounds, does not contain CFC chlorofluorocarbons, nitrites or other hazardous gases.

According to the application method and the required anti-rust maintenance period, the increase of VCI 1377 is increased by 0.5%-20%.

Application: spraying, soaking, or brushing. This product will form a rust-proof layer on the surface of the parts. It will be soft after drying and can be easily cleaned on the coating line. It can be easily removed by using a spray nozzle, solvent or ordinary cleaning agent. The anti-rust maintenance period is determined according to the thickness of the anti-rust film layer and the concentration of the product.

Increase the share by 2%-3% for the leak test and form a rust preventive film inside the device. It can also be used for spraying and forming a coating inside the container to adjust the concentration according to the desired rust maintenance period.

Suitable for: copper, castings, forgings, steel pipes, rods, fasteners, machined parts, parts, gears, bearings and non-ferrous metals


Simple to apply, can be sprayed, brushed or impregnated.

Provide long-term maintenance outdoors

Membrane stability up to 220 ° C

Anti-rust period 2 years

Solvent free smell

Free of VOC volatile organic compounds, CFC chlorofluorocarbons and nitrites

Application method:

Spray, dipping or brushing can form a uniform film on the parts.

Typical recommendations:

2%-3% concentration, leak test, temporary maintenance

7%-10% concentration, anti-rust period 12 months

10%-20% concentration, anti-rust period of 24 months

If it is used to export smaller parts, it is necessary to heat the parts to 60 ° C -70 ° C to remove excess moisture and keep the parts dry.

Corrosion maintenance: The anti-rust period depends on the thickness of the film layer, the anti-rust period of the water-free packaging is up to 24 months; the indoor anti-rust period is 12 months; the outdoor is not directly exposed to the rain and the anti-rust period is 15 days;

Product packaging: 25 liters / keg or 210 liters / vat