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Rust-x VCI anti-rust powder
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Rust-x VCI anti-rust powder
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product description:

Corrosion maintenance of boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and other refinery equipment is a daunting task. They require dry and movable maintenance without affecting the heat or heat transfer of the equipment and maintaining the hollow interior surface from corrosion.

Spray or atomize the VCI4201 vapor phase rust preventive powder into the hollow parts placed in the lying position by applying air spray, compressed air or rust-proof powder inside. The gas phase corrosion inside the parts inhibits the gradual transpiration of the powder, providing long-term corrosion maintenance in areas that are difficult to reach. At this point, it is important to form a sealed environment as much as possible. The VCI gas phase rust preventive crystalline powder conforms to the MIL-I-22110 standard.

feature of product:

Maintain a wide range of metals such as: copper, lead, tin, iron, galvanizing, etc.

Anti-rust period continues for 36-48 months depending on the degree of sealing

Also maintain hard-to-reach areas such as drill holes, cracks, etc.

Operation and application

Meet environmental requirements

Contains no risky chemical ingredients such as nitrites, phosphates, silicates, etc.

VCI vapor phase rust layer can self-compensate when the package is opened for viewing or other purposes need to be sealed from the head


Because it is a powdery shape, it is easy to atomize and cover areas that are difficult to reach.

The product can be placed in the heat exchange equipment tube or in a hollow equipment that requires anti-corrosion maintenance.

The inside of the equipment is saturated with VCI gas phase anti-rust molecules, and these molecules are continuously and continuously increased until the equipment is used to flush the anti-rust powder.