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Rust-x VCI electronic rust
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Rust-x VCI electronic rust
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Product: Rust-x VCI electronic rust box

Product level: electronic rust box VCI5&11

product description:

The VCI electronic rust box is used to maintain electrical and metal parts from corrosion.

VCI is a volatile corrosion inhibitor that has transpiration or volatility to protect the metal from corrosion.

In a sealed environment, an electronic rust box can be placed adjacent to the electronics and metal parts. VCI vapor phase rust-proof molecules that are transpiration from the gas permeable membrane provide long-term corrosion maintenance against corrosion of moisture and corrosive gases such as H2S, NH3 and So2.

typical application:

•Electrical Equipment

•Aerospace equipment

•Machinery Parts

• switchboard

• Motor

•Electronic panel

• Electronic card and terminal box

•Telecommunications equipment

• Long distance electronic equipment

• Guns and ammunition


• Economical use

• Anti-rust period up to 2 years

• Easy to install

• Adjustable humidity

• Still useful in helium conditions

• Maintain a variety of metals

• There are sticky strips on the back

• Passing the Restriction of Substances Restriction Directive RoHS

• No nitrite, halogen and phosphate

Product usage:

Electronic rust box VCI5# useful rust space 5 cubic feet

Electronic rust box VCI11# useful rust space 11 cubic feet