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Rust-x VCI Cleaner
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Rust-x VCI Cleaner
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product description:

AQ04 is an aqueous cleaning agent that is rich in organic compounds that can effectively dissolve impurities such as metal oils, light cutting oils, refined oils, lubricating oils and general grime. Unlike ordinary cleaning agents, this cleaning agent does not contain irritating chemicals. In addition, metal parts after using AQ04 aqueous cleaning agent will not rust in a short period of time.

After using the AQ04 cleaning agent, there is no corrosive residue on the surface of the metal parts. The cleaning action of this cleaning agent at room temperature is still outstanding during the cleaning process. The aqueous cleaning agent can be added to the water according to the degree of contamination of the metal parts and the desired effect, and the increased share is 2-5%.

This cleaning agent can be used in spray washers, ultrasonic cleaners or manually clean large equipment with a sponge.

Suitable for: ferrous metals and aluminum.

feature of product:

High cleanliness after cleaning

Increased concentration is also useful

Avoid the growth of biological organisms

Non-irritating to the skin

Environmentally friendly products

Can be used to dissolve impurities such as grease and oil

Does not react with rubber attack

Will not constitute a residue

Not burning

Application method:

Spray cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, rotary cleaning machine, manual cleaning

Can participate in DM deionized water (de-mineral), increase the share of 2-5%

At room temperature, higher temperature 80 ° C