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Rust-x VCI aluminum foil rust
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Rust-x VCI aluminum foil rust
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product description:

RUST-X VCI aluminum foil vapor phase rust preventive film is produced using a patented process and structure. The rust preventive film is produced by co-extruding a three-layer film in combination with the outermost laminated barrier layer. Combined with the VCI gas phase rust prevention feature, the resulting composite structure provides ultra-low oxygen and water vapor impregnation. The aluminum foil anti-rust film is composed of three layers, the strength is remarkable, and the barrier function is good.

This is aspirational products for packaging food or packaging for long-term storage and equipment transportation.

By transpiration and condensation of VCI vapor-phase rust-preventing molecules onto cooler metal parts, corrosion can be avoided anywhere the molecule reaches. In fact, the huge molecules deposited on the parts make up the corrugated layer. Use the 捺 electron flow, change the pH and form a physical barrier to oxygen and water vapor to avoid further corrosion reactions.

Three-dimensional rust-proof aluminum foil bags are used for mechanical equipment packaging, 2-dimensional rust-proof aluminum foil bags are used for pallet liners, or sheet-shaped aluminum foil rust is used for parts.

The rust-proof aluminum foil bag can be heat-sealed by using a common heat sealing machine, and a self-sealing adhesive tape which can be peeled off can also be used to form a sealed packaging system.

The aluminum foil rust preventive film meets the MIL131 Class 1 specification.

feature of product:

Compliant with MIL B 131, the product is free of fabrics and fibers.

The heat-seal structure is advantageous as a barrier material to constrain the following: solid, liquid, semi-solid, gas or energy forms such as: ultraviolet light; structural layer is a relatively tough organic polymer biaxially stretched film; second layer is metal foil / The polyethylene is coated; the third layer is a tough polymer such as polyethylene.


The aluminum foil anti-rust film is used for packaging of articles such as machines, car parts, and steel. It can better reduce the humidity of the aluminum foil packaging bag together with the desiccant. Heat sealing the foil pouch can preferentially reduce any new moisture entering the package. 3D or 2D aluminum foil bags can be customized according to the required size. After the parts are placed in the rustproof bag, they need to be sealed by a heat sealer.