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Gas phase rustproof rope
Gas phase rustproof rope
Gas phase rustproof rope


1. Replace rust and grease. No grease alteration and degreasing cleaning process, saving labor and time, saving costs;

2. It has the dual functions of gas phase rust prevention and touch rust prevention, anti-rust all-round protection and no dead angle protection;

3, non-toxic, harmless and easy to degrade, safe and environmentally friendly. It is certified by SGS and meets the requirements of RoHS standards.

4, the use of fast, simple.

5. It is especially suitable for internal and external protection of small-diameter pipes and metal cavity spaces.

Application target

1. The inner wall cavity of a metal pipe with a small diameter and a long length;

2. The metal cavity with narrow opening and the inner and outer surfaces of the complex cavity assembly;

3. Small diameter metal pipeline, inner wall and inner cavity of pipeline;

4. The inner and outer parts of the irregular, tortuous, shaped pipe fittings;

5. Small caliber barrels, oil and gas tubes, coils, etc.;

Application method

1. Before using the rustproof rope, the appearance of the metal parts should be cleaned and dried;

2. Intercept the rust-proof rope of the required standard and length as required, puncture the cavity from the port and seal the port;

3. Pull out the anti-rust rope directly after opening the port. If it is not special, no subsequent cleaning is required.