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Gas phase rustproof sheet
Gas phase rustproof sheet
Gas phase rustproof sheet

Features / advantages

1. It does not contain nitrite or phosphate. It is environmentally safe and harmless. It has passed SGS certification and is RoHS compliant.

2, special structural design, no traditional powder die-casting rust-proof sheet is easy to deliquesce and disintegrate when used, resulting in failure and environmental pollution;

3, the use of simple, concise, save time and labor, save space;

4. It is especially suitable for rust prevention of embedded components in metal components embedded in layered packaging and high cleanliness surface requirements.

Use target

1. Parts and components that are tightly packed in electronic appliances and small parts;

2. Partially enhanced rust protection for large equipment or components.

3. Fine hardware, powder metallurgy parts and stamping parts;

4, all kinds of things, measuring tools, cutting tools and molds;

5, electronic circuit boards, electrical components;

6. Anti-rust of things, motors, automobile and motorcycle parts and equipment;

7. Anti-rust of electric power, electronic equipment and control facilities.

Application method

1. Before using this product, it is necessary to protect the space and the metal surface should be clean, free of foreign matter and no rust;

2. Put the rust-proof sheet into the container of the packaging metal parts, such as cardboard boxes, plastic bags, plastic boxes, wooden or metal containers, etc., and then close the space. The distance between the metal to be maintained and the metal to be maintained shall not exceed 30cm, and each piece can maintain 2.25 liters of sealed space. The rust-proof period can be up to 24 months depending on the degree of packaging sealing and storage environment. When the conditions are bad, the dosage should be increased appropriately.

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