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VCI gas phase anti-rust masterbatch
VCI gas phase anti-rust masterbatch
VCI gas phase anti-rust masterbatch

The new anti-rust masterbatch researched and developed by our company is smoke-free, free of precipitates, tasteless, and environmentally friendly. It solves the defects of smoke and smog, many willow-like precipitates. The gas phase antirust masterbatch is a functional masterbatch for producing a vapor phase antirust film, and is a low density polyethylene masterbatch prepared by mixing and concentrating LDPE, LLDPE and gas phase antirust material. It is a basic material for producing rust-proof plastic products such as gas phase anti-rust film and gas phase anti-rust heat shrink film.

Its primary ingredient consists of a vapor phase inhibitor and a variety of additives. The masterbatch is white. The gas phase rust preventive masterbatch is mixed in a predetermined proportion in the LDPE and LLDPE plastic particles to be sufficiently stirred, so that the gas phase rust preventive agent is sufficiently dispersed, and the antirust film is formed by the blown film unit. In the production process, the heating temperature of each zone of the film blowing machine should not exceed 160 °C. Under normal conditions, the mixing fraction of the vapor phase rust preventive masterbatch and the PE masterbatch is 1:50 (thickness is 0.06 mm-0.2 mm), and the PE color masterbatch can also be added as needed.

Function and characteristics

The gas phase rust preventive masterbatch is characterized by an increase in a plastic product, which can volatilize a gas at normal temperature and pressure, and the gas is adsorbed on the surface of the protected metal in a molecular form, and the touch of air and metal is isolated to reach the anti-rust function. Uniform, no crystal point, safe and non-toxic

The rust prevention period is long. The rust-proof period is 2 years, depending on the condition, up to 5 years. The series of masterbatch (material) can add other functions to the anti-rust function according to customer requirements: anti-static, opening, smoothing, and transparency.

Application note

1. The increased share of the product is 1:50;

2. The mixing of the gas phase rust preventive masterbatch and the PE material should be uniform;

3. Pay attention to the temperature control when blowing the gas phase anti-rust film;

4. Pay attention to moisture and rain and fog when blowing gas phase anti-rust film;

5. The color of the anti-rust film can increase the color masterbatch according to the customer's requirements. The color masterbatch not recommended by our company will affect the anti-rust effect;

6. Regarding the gas phase anti-rust masterbatch that has not been used, it should be sealed and kept in time to keep in mind moisture.

Applicable metal

Steel, cast iron, cadmium and alloys, stainless steel, electroplated metals, chromium and alloys, tin and alloys, zinc alloys, nickel alloys, etc.

Packaging and specifications

Packing of gas phase anti-rust masterbatch: 25kg/carton

Product storage

The gas phase rust preventive masterbatch is very sensitive to moisture. It should be sealed and stored in a dry and cool place to prevent contact with chemicals and prevent direct sunlight.

Note on VCI gas phase rust preventive masterbatch:

Storage period of raw materials: The shelf life of the whole package is not open for 24 months. After the unpacking, the shelf life is 12 months. After the bag is opened, the anti-rust masterbatch should be blown for 1 month.

Recommended storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry place without touching the ground, prevent direct sunlight, and prevent exposure to fire and corrosive substances.

Packing method: 1kg/PE bag sealed packaging, 30/25kg/carton packaging, carton must be rust-proof inner bag, sealed rust-proof inner bag before sealing. After each use of this product, the bag inside the carton should be resealed in time to prevent moisture.

If you have any demand for anti-rust products, please contact us, we look forward to working with you for a long time!

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