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VCI gas phase rust preventive sponge
VCI gas phase rust preventive sponge
VCI gas phase rust preventive sponge

Product Name: Gas phase rust sponge

Condition: Solid state

Introduction to use: large equipment, electronic equipment, internal and external use

Packaging cartons

This product is an open-cell sponge, which is filled with many multi-metal gas phase rust inhibitors. The sponge itself is porous and has a very large touch area with air. Therefore, the VCI rust inhibitor has a quick release and a large release amount, which greatly shortens the prevention. During the rust induction period, first, prevent the metal from rusting first; second, the rust prevention induction period - the time required for the VCI rust inhibitor to be released from the beginning to the saturation in the closed space.

Pre-corrosion - Due to environmental temperature, humidity, and metal cleaning, the metal is now rusted before the VCI rust inhibitor has covered the metal surface, which is called pre-corrosion. That is, the metal has rusted before the VCI is fully active. If the VCI content of the anti-rust data is low and the induction period is too long, it is easy to corrode in advance. Often this rust is hard to see and is ignored, resulting in poor rust prevention.

In addition to anti-rust, clean, non-polluting, no residue, gas phase anti-rust sponge has anti-vibration, anti-collision, anti-scratch and anti-static effects. The surface resistance is 108~1011Ω, which is an excellent protection data for electronic circuit boards. Generally, the plastic bag (self-sealing bag) is used together, which is convenient to use, low in cost and guaranteed in function.