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VCI gas phase anti-rust desiccant
VCI gas phase anti-rust desiccant
VCI gas phase anti-rust desiccant

product description:

The gas phase anti-rust desiccant is a product of natural minerals and anti-rust materials. It is environmentally friendly and has no damage to the human body. It has both the function of moisture absorption and the function of rust prevention.

Features and benefits

1. A green product made from natural minerals and decomposable chemicals.

2. It has more than 2 times the water absorption capacity than silica gel and has anti-rust properties, which is economical and effective.

3. It can be used in iron and non-ferrous metal products, and has no influence on product parts, plastics, rubber and other products.

4. The gasification and anti-rust function can be dispersed in the gaps of the product to prevent rust.

Scope of application

1. Mechanical or raw materials for various iron and non-ferrous metals are required to be protected from moisture

2. When used for export packaging, use it alone or in combination with rust-proof paper and rust-proof film.

Application methods and precautions

Under normal circumstances, the application amount is: 100~200g/m3, which can be added or subtracted according to the packaging conditions and environment (1/3~1/2 of the amount of silica gel used).

When using it, it should be protected from direct sunlight and sealed at room temperature below 40 °C. The remaining products after use should also be sealed and stored.

Product Standards

5g, 10g, 20g.30g.50g.100g per pack or in bulk, standard gram custom.

Packing method: non-woven fabric.

Physical properties

Shape: dark brown particles

Ph value: Appx.6`7 (neutral)

Specific gravity: 0.3~0.45g/cc

Thermal stability: below 400C