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Development of anti-rust paper in the automotive industry

Nowadays, anti-rust paper is now well known by the vast car industry. Whether it is import and export trade or domestic trade, the packaging of car parts is the top priority of the entire car production. Some merchants will choose the general PE bag as the packaging method.

Compared with anti-rust bags, the general PE bags do have an advantage in terms of price. However, the anti-rust bag is capable of maintaining the product without rust and has great advantages. A high-quality product, we should pay attention to every aspect of it, especially the packaging process, beautify the packaging and also have a practical effect. The rust-proof bag not only has its unique anti-rust performance, but its appearance is also very novel. , do not leave the following colors to choose from: rich yellow, light green, fresh blue.

Nowadays, China has become a big country in the production and consumption of cars. By the end of 2015, the number of cars in China has now reached 300 million. Faced with such a huge sales volume of cars, car production operations are also facing more severe testing. More and more car parts and components industry is rising, and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Anti-rust maintenance of car accessories has become more and more important. Generally speaking, as long as the metal parts are involved in different levels of anti-rust maintenance, when the anti-rust solution is developed, different anti-rust packages will be customized according to different conditions. Do more with less.

The following details how to do the anti-rust maintenance of the car accessories.

First of all, let's talk about the anti-rust method of the car engine. The engine is about the car, just like the connection between the heart and the human, the importance of engine rust prevention.

According to its composition, the engine can be divided into the whole machine rust prevention and component rust prevention; according to the production process, it can be divided into rust prevention, storage rust prevention and transportation rust prevention during the production process. In general, every rust prevention is indispensable.