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What is the difference between plain paper and coated paper in rustproof paper?

Nowadays, people's requirements for metal rust prevention are getting higher and higher, and the general rust-proof treatment is difficult to satisfy this demand, so rust-proof paper came into being. It is made of imported rust-proof base paper and a special VCI solvent that is efficiently compounded and processed through special processing. In the sealed packaging space, a special anti-rust gas factor can be declared, and the surface of the rust-preventing article is dispersed and adsorbed to form a dense protective film layer having a single molecule thickness, thereby achieving the purpose of preventing rust.

There are also many types of rustproof paper. Let's take a look at the differences between rustproof plain paper and coated paper.

The primary plain weave is relative to wrinkles. The plain weave generally refers to the general puree paper, which is generally the natural color of the grass. It can be understood as a general anti-rust paper, and the wrinkle paper is a paper with regular wrinkles in the direction, which is convenient. We have a good distinction.

Secondly, the coated paper is a kind of composite paper, which is also a relatively simple composite paper. It is only coated with a polyethylene film on the base of the rustproof base paper to achieve the effect of improving the rust-proof strength and the intention of blocking the water vapor. It will be better than ordinary rustproof paper, of course, the price is higher.

The phosphating part itself has a certain anti-rust property. If it is stored for a short period of time, it is not required to use anti-rust material. Of course, it is also possible to use the anti-rust liquid in order to achieve the anti-rust effect at 1-3 months. . If the demand for long-term storage of anti-rust, the use of anti-rust film with plastic film, or anti-rust oil with anti-rust paper, the requirements are not high can directly use anti-rust paper. However, if it involves maritime transportation, it is recommended to use rust-proof film to match your overall packaging, and the demand should be used in combination with actual needs.