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Difference between gas phase anti-rust bag and anti-static bag

Anti-rust bags and anti-static bags look like two kinds of bags that can't be hit by the gossip. In fact, there are quite a few similar places in the two. Let's introduce the difference between the two. First, let's first understand the anti-rust bag and anti-static. The relevant introduction of each bag.

Anti-rust bag The full name of "gas phase anti-rust bag" gas phase anti-rust plastic film is a new generation of innovative high-tech products based on the combination of polymer materials and VCI gas phase anti-rust technology development. The principle of using the gas phase anti-rust film is that after the anti-rust material is packaged and sealed, the VCI contained in the film body begins to sublimate and volatilizes the anti-rust gas factor, and is dispersed and penetrated to the surface of the anti-rust object and adsorbed thereon to form a dense single molecule. The protective film layer isolates various factors that induce corrosion and touches the surface of the rust-proof article, thereby effectively preventing the occurrence of rust. The rust-proof period is generally more than 2 years (applied according to requirements), and is suitable for various metal products, common The colors are yellow, blue, and red.

Anti-static bag is a plastic bag that is blown out by a film blowing machine with a single layer of PE. It has anti-static function. The anti-static effect is usually about 6 months. The common colors are yellow, blue and red.

In the case of the same color of the antistatic bag and the gas phase rustproof bag , it seems that the naked eye does not judge that it is an antistatic bag, and that is a gas phase rustproof bag. Next, let's introduce the differences between them:

Functional difference: The rustproof bag has excellent gas phase and touch rust resistance, good rust prevention effect and high cost performance.

Anti-static bags can protect electrostatically sensitive components from potential electrostatic hazards to a certain extent.

Different in application: rust-proof bags are mainly suitable for all kinds of metal alloy products.

Anti-static bags are mainly suitable for electronic components, motherboards and other electronic products.