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What are the general materials of VCI rustproof bags?

VCI anti-rust bag is the abbreviation of VCI gas-phase anti-rust bag. VCI anti-rust plastic bag is made of high-performance VCI gas-phase anti-rust plastic film. It is made of high-quality function tailored to the specific demand of anti-rust products. Packaging bag. After the rustproof bag is used to seal and seal the rustproof article, the VCI contained in the bag begins to increase and volatilize the rust preventive gas factor, and the dispersion penetrates into the surface of the rustproof article and adsorbs thereon to form a dense protective film layer having a single molecule thickness. , to block the various factors that cause corrosion and the touch of the appearance of the rust-proof item, and then to prevent the occurrence of rust.


Polyethylene particle composite anti-rust material

Specifications: The scale can be customized according to the customer's needs, and can also be made into flat bags/stereo bags of different thicknesses (0.02~0.15mm) of different scales.

Storage: temperature ≤ 35 ° C, humidity ≤ 70%

Storage should not damage the original protective packaging layer, adhere to the sealed state, and store it in a dry, clean warehouse. Avoid direct on the ground and direct sunlight. Can not be co-hosted with chemicals, not less than lm from the heat source, not less than 0.1 m from the ground, should be used as needed, once used, should be sealed from the head.

Useful period: 12 months

VCI rust bag operation requirements:

1. Before being packaged, it should be clean and boring. Then, it is packaged and sealed with a rustproof film at room temperature at room temperature. If it is packed with oil, it should be recognized that the oil does not contain chemical components such as S and Cl, otherwise it will have a negative impact on the effectiveness of VCI.

2, should wear clean gloves when packaging, do not touch the rust-proof items with bare hands.

3. If the rust-proof item has protrusions or corners, be careful not to puncture the film. If it is damaged accidentally, it should be sealed with industrial tape in time to ensure the seal.

4. When working in anti-rust packaging, the working place should be kept away from “high corrosive substances such as acid and alkali and acid-etching gas”.