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Take you through the process and method of understanding the gas phase rustproof bag

The rustproof bag is a pe plastic bag containing a gas rust preventive agent which is processed according to the size of the packaging metal, and is divided into a flat pocket, a self-sealing pocket, a zipper bag, a bone chain bag, a bone bag, and five. The three-dimensional bag, the hexahedral three-dimensional bag, the drawstring bag and other specifications are a common application method of the anti-rust film. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, convenient transportation and tailor-made. It is deeply loved by auto parts, casting, hardware and electronics. Here we give you a comprehensive analysis of the application process and methods of rust prevention.

When using gas phase rust prevention data as a metal rust prevention method, the guiding ideology of planning a rust prevention plan is to provide a better "microenvironment" for rust-preventing parts in metal parts or products, in this micro-environment, gas phase. The anti-rust bag has a sufficient concentration of vapor phase corrosion inhibitor to protect the metal, and then improve the anti-rust ability of the metal data.

The operation process of the gas phase antirust product is as follows:

Recognition → planning → workpiece cleaning → packaging → placed in the gas phase anti-rust bag → sealing → storage and transportation

(1) Recognition. It is the first priority to recognize that the gas phase rustproof bag used is a qualified product.

(2) Planning. According to the dosage requirements, calculate the amount of gas phase rust prevention data, plan the packaging method (for example, directly apply the film, film, or use flat pockets, three-dimensional bags, etc.). If the workpiece size is larger or larger, add a rustproof bag or Experiments were added to add intervals and perform rust prevention.

(3) Workpiece cleaning. The parts required for rust-proof packaging are cleaned and dried according to the prescribed cleaning process.

(4) Packaging. Small rolls of film and film can be packaged directly at the end of the line and then boxed. With flat pockets or solid pockets, small workpieces can be packaged directly at the end of the line and then boxed. The small workpiece is packaged in a whole box, and the gas phase rustproof bag is laid in the outer packaging box. After the workpiece is off the line on the cleaning line, the workpiece is regularly stacked in the gas phase rustproof bag.

(5) placed in a gas phase rustproof bag. According to the planning requirements, put a sufficient amount of gas phase anti-rust materials in the appropriate position inside the package, such as adding anti-rust film spacing in the center of the part, placing a gas phase anti-rust box, a gas phase anti-rust powder package, and the like.

(6) Sealing. After stacking the workpiece, seal the gas phase anti-rust bag (cover) in time.

(7) Storage and transportation. Do not open the package as much as possible during the storage process. If it is really necessary to open it, seal it in time and properly supplement the gas phase rust prevention data.

Pay attention to the operation: workers need to wear gloves, and it is necessary to keep the gloves clean. Unused gas phase rust preventive products need to be sealed and stored in a dry environment. It is necessary to ensure that a sufficient amount of gas phase rust preventive material is placed.