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Anti-rust paper should be kept and used

How to choose VCI anti-rust products correctly and how to pack them

1. Identify the metal type (black metal, multi-metal) of the workpiece to be protected, and select the rust-proof information for the corresponding metal type.

2. Verify that the workpiece is clean, dry, and that there are oil or chemical residues on the surface of the metal part. These residual substances may either react with the VCI formulation. The incompatible chemical reactions that occur can cause metal rust or reduce the rust prevention of VCI.

3. Confirm whether the workpiece needs to be packaged in a single package or in a layered package. Select the appropriate size form and anti-rust material.

4. Confirm the rust-preventing period and packaging volume required for the workpiece, and confirm whether it is necessary to cooperate with other auxiliary VCI products.

Correct use of VCI anti-rust products anti-rust and precautions

1. Pre-issues---Packaging personnel must carry clean gloves to prevent direct contact with the product and rust the product.

2, the pre-package period --- confirmed that the packaged product is dry and clean, no water and rust, and no other corrosive chemicals, the temperature of the workpiece and maintain the normal temperature.

3, the working environment --- packaging environment needs to ensure that no moisture is too large and no high-corrosive substances such as acid and alkali and acid-etching gases.

4, the packaging process --- use anti-rust products, the side with corrosion inhibitor should be oriented towards the metal products

5, the packaging process --- vci products and workpieces need to be as close as possible, the interval is less than 30cm, no other isolation items can be placed between the two, and the closer the interval, the better the role

6, the packaging process --- between the packaged metal and anti-rust film, such as paper pad, wood, plastic separators and other insulation materials, need to pay special attention to insulation materials can not directly touch the metal products. In order to avoid the isolation of the material containing S, CL chemical composition, affecting the anti-rust effect.

7, packaging space --- large equipment lining packaging and densely placed product packaging, should be used together with other VCI materials, such as rust-proof paper, anti-rust powder, etc.

8. Packaging is completed---When the packaging is completed, heat seal, tape, cable tie, etc. should be used as soon as possible to seal the storage and check that the packaged product does not puncture the film and affect the sealing effect.

9. Refer to the specification---correctly apply the gas phase anti-rust packaging materials according to the provisions of GB/T 14188;

Gas phase anti-rust product correct preservation method

1. Anti-rust products need to be sealed and packaged, and cannot be directly touched by air, which will affect the anti-rust effect;

2. It should be placed in a cool and dry environment. Do not expose it to the sun and damage the structure of the rust-proof product.

3. Try to put it in a low temperature environment;

4. Prevent contact with fire source and affect the quality of rustproof paper;

5. Can not directly touch with acid and alkali substances;

6. The effective date of the anti-rust paper is within one year, and the effect will be better during the shelf life.

The above is the anti-rust products and related custody knowledge, I hope to be helpful for your homework.