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Metal rust remover
Metal rust remover
Metal rust remover

Metal rust remover is also a water-based rust inhibitor. It has good water solubility and can be used in various water-soluble and emulsifiable cutting fluids, cleaning fluids and surface treatment fluids to prevent corrosion and rust. Generally, it is suitable for use. Protection of various metals such as cast iron, steel and aluminum.

Its use is widely available in both carbon steel and cast iron.

The process of the water-based rust preventive agent is also relatively simple, and does not require a process such as dehydration drying, oiling, and the like. Moreover, it can save costs and effectively reduce energy and raw material consumption.

Its application method

1. Anti-rust between processes: Dilute the raw liquid 10-30 times with water, raise the temperature to about 30 °C, soak for 2-5 minutes, remove it and let it dry naturally. The anti-rust period can reach 1-3 months.

2. Protection after descaling: If the equipment is deactivated for a long time after descaling, it can be sealed with 5% solution.

3. Anti-rust in water immersion test: In order to avoid corrosion after testing and testing the parts in water, the product can be taken in the test tank according to the total capacity of 5%.

Need to pay attention to the following points during use

1, this product is weakly alkaline, do not touch the skin for a long time, if you accidentally enter the eyes, please wash with water.

2. The treated workpiece should not be washed with water and should be air dried or dried.

3, the use of the original liquid is not good, please dilute 10-30 times before use.