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What role does waterborne rust inhibitor play in rust prevention?

The successful development of water-based rust inhibitors is a major advance in the history of rust prevention technology. Compared with the traditional method, the waterborne rust inhibitor has certain advantages. So what are the advantages of water-soluble anti-rust additives?

Firstly, the widely used epidural rust preventive oil has a long rust-proof period, is not afraid of water, and can be used in the wild, but its drawback is that it uses a large amount of organic solvents such as gasoline, flammable and explosive, and causes damage to operators. On the other hand, before entering the next job. When cleaning solvents such as gasoline, it is necessary to use non-sealing procedures, which are also harmful. In particular, the nerve energy is getting larger and larger, and the cost of using organic solvents is getting higher and higher. The water-based rust preventive agent has a similar anti-rust effect as the hard film anti-rust oil, but basically does not contain an organic solvent, and the ordinary water-based cleaning agent can be removed before the next process, which is not only safe and environmentally friendly, but also greatly reduces the cost.

Secondly, although water-based rust inhibitors have appeared on the market before, it is also a solvent for water, and is actually an aqueous dispersion of a resin. If it needs to be removed after drying, it is necessary to use expensive special organic solvents. In addition, its construction function is poor, and the influence of rust is greatly reduced when it is applied under low temperature or rainy days.

Then, compared with ordinary anti-rust oil, the water-based anti-rust agent can achieve the same or better anti-rust effect, but the parts processed by the water-based anti-rust oil can not be manually transferred or assembled, otherwise it will rust, and the water-based anti-rust agent does not exist. this problem.

The above is the advantages of water-soluble anti-rust additives. Suzhou Yiyang anti-rust agent production company specializes in the development, production, sales and technical services of new high-tech anti-rust packaging materials. The primary products have anti-rust materials. And rust removal products in two major categories.

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