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How to distinguish the quality of rust-proof stretch film

No matter when and for whom, people like and accept all the good things. Relatively high-quality gas-phase rust-proof stretch film will be widely accepted by various industries. Good gas phase anti-rust film is opposite to other anti-rust film. The price will be slightly higher, so how to distinguish the good gas phase anti-rust film?

1. A good VCI gas phase anti-rust film will inevitably have a good appearance. Everyone likes to see beautiful things. First of all, if the appearance is not good, I believe that everyone will not believe his quality.

2. VCI gas phase anti-rust film, soft appearance and good flexibility. If the VCI film is selected to discolor after standing for a while and exhibits embrittlement, it can be determined that the VCI vapor phase anti-rust film is of poor quality.

3. VCI gas phase anti-rust film is a high-quality VCI gas phase anti-rust film which is made of pure polyethylene original particles in the production process and combined with special technology and VCI skill. The finished appearance of the VCI vapor phase anti-rust film should be uniform in thickness, and the light transmittance is slightly lower than that of the general PE film. The whole is smooth, the particles are in contact, and the tensile property is excellent.

4. However, most low quality VCI vapor phase rust preventive films are prepared from recycled polyethylene particles and inexpensive, low quality VCI materials to facilitate control of production costs. Therefore, many disadvantages occur on the surface of the VCI film. For example: more crystal points, more wrinkles, obvious water particles, uneven film thickness, wrinkling, poor transparency, and greatly reduced tensile and heat sealing properties. However, the above VCI vapor phase antirust film has a small amount of quality.

The above is the introduction of the price of the gas phase anti-rust film and the distinction between the high-quality gas phase anti-rust film. The use of the residual VCI gas phase anti-rust film does not help protect the metal from corrosion, and it also causes metal contamination due to the presence of toxic gases.