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What are the advantages of gas phase rust and desiccant?

Anti-rust desiccant is a multifunctional desiccant prepared by special production process based on natural minerals and gas phase corrosion inhibitor. It not only can absorb water excessively, but also has excellent gas phase anti-rust performance. It is a new anti-corrosion product that replaces the original desiccant such as silica gel and montmorillonite. It is suitable for the anti-rust of iron or non-ferrous metal products and materials. Here we introduce how to save the gas phase anti-rust desiccant.

First, the desiccant must be stored in a cool dry place. Before placing, look at the floor of the storage warehouse and make sure there is no water. If there is water on the ground or it may be wet, it should be cleaned and dried immediately. The warehouse should be stored and the ground should not be over the tide. Otherwise, the stacked goods cartons are simply damp.

Do not place the desiccant directly on the floor of the warehouse (the tray between the desiccant and the floor should be separated by a plastic sheet). When there is no one, make sure the warehouse is sealed.

Also need to pay attention to the situation of the warehouse, whether there are termites and other pest control. The desiccant storage warehouse is clean and free of pollution, and cleans the dust in time.

If you can keep the warehouse constant temperature and humidity control is better. The temperature and humidity requirements are: temperature 25 ° C ± 5 ° C, humidity 60% ± 5%. The constant temperature and humidity warehouse is not closed at the time of operation, and the personnel enters and exits the constant temperature and humidity warehouse to close the door.

The gas phase anti-rust desiccant stacking is kept in mind to be regular, stable, and the center saves the open space. Gas phase anti-rust desiccant can not be close to the wall or column. Please keep a distance, and the distance from the wall and the pillar is 0.3~0.5 meters.

There are also goods stacking code is not super high, not overpressure. Do not invert the arrow mark to avoid damage to the product packaging. Do not store with volatile substances. Also, do not stack the goods near the doors and windows, because in a relatively sealed warehouse environment, the outside moisture, strong light, etc. first invaded from the doors and windows.