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Introduction of gas phase rust box

The gas phase rustproof box is an anti-rust product designed for the convenience of customers to carry a gas phase anti-rust corrosion inhibitor. The material of the box is generally made of engineering plastic and has a light yellow color. The box is equipped with a gas phase anti-rust corrosion inhibitor, which is provided with a double-sided tape and a fixed strap. Suitable for small, confined spaces (such as electrical cabinets, crates, etc.) applications.

The type of gas phase rustproof box is generally classified into a multi-metal universal gas phase rustproof box and a ferrous metal special type gas phase rustproof box according to the difference of the vapor phase corrosion inhibitor contained in the box.

Their superiority is that they can be conveniently placed in a confined space, especially for a space with a narrow opening. The fixing sling of the gas phase rust box can be placed outside, so that the gas phase rust box can be taken out at any time.

The rust-preventing period of the gas phase rustproof box is generally 2 years under the conditions of airtight and dry at normal temperature.

The product specifications are generally 60cm long, 30cm wide and 15cm high, and contain 3g of gas phase anti-rust corrosion inhibitor.

Their use is generally the following steps:

(1) For the rust-proof space with a diameter greater than 5cm, the double-sided tape provided with this product can be directly adhered to the appropriate orientation in the packaged article.

(2) For rust-proof spaces that are difficult to stick or have a diameter of less than 5 cm, the product can be placed inside the rust-proof space by a fixed sling, and the fixed sling can be exposed to the outside for use.


(1) A sufficient amount of gas phase rustproof box shall be placed in accordance with the product manual.

(2) When using, do not let water enter the gas phase rust box, so as not to affect its anti-rust effect.

(3) When using the fixed sling, the one end of the sling should be firmly connected with the hook inside the box to prevent the rust box from falling into a narrow space and cannot be taken out.