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What are the functions and characteristics of rust preventive oil?

Gas phase anti-rust oil is an oil-based anti-rust liquid that can be used together with lubricating oil. It provides excellent rust protection for iron and non-ferrous metals. It contains no risk metals such as barium, chromate, nitrite or phosphate, and has high advantages, such as non-toxicity, good thermal stability, and long-term rust-proof maintenance. It can pass through a 5 micron filter to provide rust protection in the presence of chloride. It is added to the liquid according to the recommended ratio, and it will not affect its outflow point and viscosity at low temperature. It is compatible with most minerals and synthetic oils, suitable for operation and intermittent use.

M-529 is a unique oil additive that effectively prevents metal corrosion from high temperature oxidation and wear during engine storage and operation.

Anti-rust oil is an oily film that can form an oily film on the metal surface. It not only has a lubricating function, but also provides excellent outdoor maintenance.

It generally has the following characteristics

1, the coating still has good anti-rust function under the condition of up to 180 °F (82 °C)

2, can easily remove the coating

3. Supply outstanding salt spray maintenance

4. Thermal stability over a wide temperature range

5, with excellent UV resistance

6, supply good lubricity

7, in line with RoHS standards

Some typical applications of anti-rust oil

1, storage and transportation of rust

2, maintenance coating

Antirust oil maintenance metals generally include brass, cadmium, cast iron, steel, magnesium, lead-calcium alloy, zinc, and the like.

The use of anti-rust oil is also relatively simple and can be applied by spraying, brushing, roller coating or soaking products. If the tool and overspray are clean, use an alkaline cleaner.