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VCI gas phase anti-rust crepe paper
VCI gas phase anti-rust crepe paper
VCI gas phase anti-rust crepe paper

VCI gas phase anti-rust crepe paper is a high-performance VCI gas phase anti-rust corrosion inhibitor factor, which can be evenly included in the buffer material, and is gasified at the beginning within 2 hours after packaging and exerts anti-rust effect;


1. Complete oil-free packaging, no smearing and degreasing, cleaning procedures, saving labor and time, saving costs;

2. The high-performance VCI is evenly included in the interior of the anti-rust paper, and the anti-rust performance is quickly exerted after packaging;

3. Even if you don't touch the metal directly, you can complete the effective rust prevention, such as the appearance of cluttered metal parts;

4, both rust and packaging two layers;

5. Compared with vacuum packaging, the cost is low and the application is simple;

6, clean and clean, harmless, non-toxic, environmentally safe. SGS certified, in line with the requirements of the RoHS directive;

7, good toughness, high strength, elongation of up to 40%.

Application method

1. The appearance of this product and the protected articles should be touched as closely as possible, and there should be no obstacles between the two;

2. The appearance of the protected articles before packaging should be clean, dry and free of foreign matter;

3. If the protective articles are subject to external rules, the monomer can be covered completely (the gas-phase rust-proof paper application area is similar to the external appearance of the article), and the interface is sealed. The gas phase rustproof paper can also be used as a lining or a spacer paper in a sealed packaging unit (such as a turnover box, a plastic bag, etc.);

4, should wear clean gloves when packaging, do not touch the rust-proof items with bare hands;

5. It is especially suitable for the use of automation equipment around packaging.

Wrinkle base paper

110±8 grams per square gram

VCI+ wrinkle base paper Specification 1.02m*325m 0.88m*325m

Can be re-rolled or sliced as needed. For more information, please call us.