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VCI gas phase antirust paper
VCI gas phase antirust paper
VCI gas phase antirust paper

VCI gas phase anti-rust paper method and matters needing attention

1. Before being packaged, it should be kept free of rust and foreign matter. If it is, it must be cleaned and packaged.

2. The appearance of the packaged object must be kept clean, dry, etc., and the external temperature should not be too high.

3. When the staff is working, they must wear gloves to prevent the sweat from remaining on the packaged object and affect the anti-rust effect.

4. If the surface of the packaged material is treated with other chemical components, especially S, CI, etc., it must be tested when used. If the packaged product is pure copper, sterling silver, or copper or silver with a share of more than 30%, it must be rigorously tested.

5. Gas-phase anti-rust products (including gas phase anti-rust paper, gas phase anti-rust box, gas phase anti-rust desiccant, etc.) should be kept indoors to prevent sunlight from shining. If it is stored outdoors, take further according to the situation. Subsidy measures.

6. When the moisture in the packaging environment reaches 70%, it is necessary to pay more attention to prevent the packaging effect and prevent the sun from shining during packaging.

7. It is necessary to adhere to the sealing condition, and then re-seal it after opening. If it is not used up (such as half-rolled paper or surplus paper), it should be sealed and sealed in the original packaging or similar packaging.

8. When the packaged product exceeds 8 m3 or the sum of the external products is greater than 3 times the area of the package, an anti-rust adjuvant is added. (Anti-rust adjuvants include gas phase anti-rust powder, anti-rust liquid, anti-rust drying agent, etc.)