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VCI gas phase rustproof coated paper
VCI gas phase rustproof coated paper
VCI gas phase rustproof coated paper

The rust-proof paper is basically produced by coating the VCI anti-rust liquid on the kraft paper. If it is necessary to improve the rust-proof strength on the basis of these products, the woven fabric and the composite PE film can be used.

Features and advantages

1. Safe and non-toxic (free of phosphoric acid, silica gel, hydrochloric acid and various heavy metals)

2. Packed in rolls, easy to use

3. It has no effect on the electrical conductivity and electrical resistance of electronic components, and can form a dry protective film during transportation and transportation at sea, and can also function as a lubricating oil metal.

4. Equipment that has been treated with rust-proof paper can be used immediately without any degreasing or cleaning.

5. At least 24 months of rust protection can be provided.


1. Proper use of gas phase anti-rust packaging materials according to GB/T14188

2. One-piece anti-rust packaging material for metal parts or as inter-layer pad or inner layer in packaging unit;

3, with polyethylene coated products have a certain waterproof function, can be used directly as an outer packaging material.

4. Ensure the cleaning and drying of the packaged metal materials.

5. Place the surface containing the corrosion inhibitor toward the metal package.

7. Guarantee the relative sealing after packaging.

Laminating plain rustproof paper

Weight per square meter: 100 ± 8 grams

Specification: 1.29m*200m

Can be re-rolled or sliced as needed. For more information, please call us.