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Gas phase rust-proof overlay rust-proof paper
Gas phase rust-proof overlay rust-proof paper
Gas phase rust-proof overlay rust-proof paper

The woven anti-rust paper is made of a good base paper and woven cloth or PE plastic film and VCI rust inhibitor. It has the characteristics of moisture proof, rust prevention and toughness. A small amount of rust inhibitor will be released (VCI: volatile rust inhibitor). When packaged in this type of paper, a gas maintenance layer is formed in the package, which reliably suppresses corrosion of the metal product. It has anti-rust effect in direct contact with metal and within certain intervals.

It is primarily suitable for metal parts paper that requires rust-proof maintenance during packaging, transportation and storage of pipes and fittings (eg simple wrapped metal parts, covered with the entire container and intermediate liner). The spacing between the rust-proof paper and the metal depends on the length of the package and the length of time it takes to maintain the gas layer.

Under normal circumstances, 30 cm interval can achieve complete anti-rust maintenance after 30 minutes. The tighter the outer packaging, the more perfect the rust-proof maintenance. With it, metal parts can be used at any time without cleaning. The packaging is rust-proof maintenance together. Simple, safe and environmentally friendly. The metal should be clean and dry when packaged.