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Company Name: Suzhou Yiyang Protective Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. Tel: 0512-57562239
Mobile number: 13962612239
Contact: Liu Xiaodong
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Address: Room 1038, Hall 6, Zhengtailong International Equipment Purchasing Center, No. 1288 Chengbei Middle Road, Yushan Town, Kunshan City

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Suzhou Yiyang Protective Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is a technology-oriented enterprise specializing in new high-tech metal protective packaging materials. The company has perfect product research and development capabilities, strong technology and sales force, and implements one-stop service from product development to production and sales. Specializing in VCI anti-rust products: gas phase anti-rust film, gas phase anti-rust bag, gas phase anti-rust paper, gas phase anti-rust liquid, gas phase anti-rust powder, gas phase anti-rust masterbatch, gas phase anti-rust desiccant. Gas phase anti-rust rope. Anti-rust winding film. Rust removal agent. Gas phase anti-rust film Suzhou. The company acts as the agent for US RUST-X anti-rust materials.

The company's products are widely used in auto parts, electronics, ships, military, steel, machinery and equipment, metal processing, electronics and other fields, making metal products reach a new height in the process of processing, transportation and warehousing. It has the advantages of simplicity, labor saving, trouble saving, no pollution, and cost saving. In line with the relevant export ROHS directives, VCI anti-rust film products passed the 72-hour salt spray test of SGS.

Suzhou Yiyang is a company that provides high quality anti-rust products and services for all areas of industry.

"Working hand in hand, creating brilliance" is the tenet of the company's enterprise development. It provides customers with comprehensive and systematic solutions in the fields of metal processing and metal rust prevention. We sincerely hope to open up domestic and foreign markets with friends from all walks of life. We have been working hard on all aspects of rust control.