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Suzhou Yiyang Protective Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is a technology-oriented enterprise specializing in new high-tech metal protective packaging materials. The company has perfect product research and development capabilities and strong technical and sales force. It specializes in VCI anti-rust products: gas phase anti-rust film, gas phase. Anti-rust bag, gas phase anti-rust paper, gas phase anti-rust liquid, gas phase anti-rust powder, gas phase anti-rust masterbatch, gas phase anti-rust desiccant, gas phase anti-rust rope, VCI anti-rust bag, anti-rust stretch film, water-based anti-rust Agent, gas phase anti-rust heat shrink film, gas phase anti-rust box, anti-rust oil, gas phase anti-rust film, rust remover, gas phase anti-rust film development, production, sales and other one-stop service. The company acts as the agent for US RUST-X anti-rust materials.
The company's products are widely used in auto parts, electronics, ships, military, steel, machinery and equipment, metal processing, electronics and other fields, so that metal products in the processing, transportation, warehousing process to a new height. It has the advantages of simplicity, labor saving, trouble saving, no pollution, and cost saving. In line with the relevant export ROHS directives, VCI anti-rust film products passed the 72-hour salt spray test of SGS. Sold to Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Hebei, Tianjin, Shanghai and other regions.
Suzhou Yiyang is a company that provides high quality anti-rust products and services for all areas of industry.
"Working hand in hand, creating brilliance" is the tenet of the company's enterprise development. It provides customers with comprehensive and systematic solutions in the fields of metal processing and metal rust prevention. We sincerely hope to open up domestic and foreign markets with friends from all walks of life. We have been working hard on all aspects of rust control.
Hot Products

Gas phase rust preventive masterbatch

The new anti-rust masterbatch researched and developed by our company is smoke-free, free of precipitates, tasteless, and environmentally friendly. It solves the defects of smoke and smog, many willow-like precipitates.

VCI gas phase antirust powder

VCI gas phase anti-rust powder is packaged in small bags with non-woven fabric, non-woven paper or DuPont paper to prevent powder pollution and safe and convenient. After VCI gasification, the voids of the package are volatilized into the packaging space, and adsorbed on the metal surface to form a dense protective film layer to prevent rust.

VCI gas phase antirust and antistatic film

VCI gas phase anti-rust anti-static film is a new type of anti-rust material with anti-rust function and anti-static function. This material is mainly used for anti-rust packaging of metal products and electronic products with high requirements for static electricity protection.